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vision & goal

We are a fellowship that is rooted & grounded, maturing & growing, and spurring one another along in faith and good works so that we can be more like Him. 

I believe that God has given 1010 a special opportunity to build on this great foundation in which He has established in Norristown. How I want to come alongside the work that has already been established here is by focusing on three of the five core values we have. These three are Deepening our Faith, Gathering Often, & Giving ourselves Away. 

Deepening our Faith: As we seek to collectively encourage each other to give ourselves away as Ephesians 4:11-16 instructs us, I would like to develop and continue to push for a healthy expositional teaching approach to the Scriptures as a way for us to deepen our faith. With that said, I like to develop a healthy biblical approach to understanding God and His word. The reason for that is so that we can know Him more and know what He has for us to do as 1010.

Gathering Often: As we Gather Often, I would like to continue our Life Groups, along with our Sunday Gathering. At some point, I would like to also add book clubs, special studies on certain books of the Bible, Monthly Moments in Church History, along with monthly doctrinal courses. I would like to also have special gatherings that help us understand the Christian backgrounds to things like Halloween, Christmas, Easter, etc. This will all fall under Relevant Discipleship and the purpose is to build us up in the faith as we gather often so that we can be ready to defend the faith to anyone who ask us about what we believe. Connected with Gathering Often, we would like to see a robust men and women’s fellowship that seeks to be theologically deep, practical/relevant, and encouraging. The first and foundational goal for these will be to do what Titus 2:1-8 calls us to do. The second goal will be to have men and women’s bible studies/book clubs that are Christ centered and Gospel focused. Lord willing, we can have women’s and or men’s conferences that will assist in growing in Christlikeness. We are also looking to have Monthly Love Feast. These are ways that we can build and sustain community. Again, the goal is to grow together in to Christ.

Give ourselves away: As We Give Ourselves Away, I would like to lay out for you two ways in which we can collectively do this. 

ACollege Ministry-   The first is our college students in the community. I have a heart for college students. Primary, I have a heart for college students who are believers. When I say college students in the community, I’m talking about the colleges around Norristown. I say around Norristown because on our website we say: we aren't just looking to start a church but to see a movement of God in Norristown and the surrounding areas. I believe that we need to be after the hearts and minds of the next generation, and it is in the colleges where their minds are being molded. Let’s keep it real, the minds of the next generation are being molded to move further away from God, His word, and His ways. Education is pumping hatred for God and as we have walked through Proverbs, we see that any proper education begins with the fear of the LORD. I would like to be a place for college students, especially those who are far from home to have a healthy church to be home for them. With that said, I would like to develop a college ministry of 1010 where we can partner with college ministries on campus for the purpose of developing the spiritual leaders of tomorrow. 

B. Hispanic Community- The second way we can give ourselves away is by truly developing a way to reach out to our Hispanic community. I say that because of Revelation 7:9ff where John says that he says a great multitude that no one could number. These people are from every nation, tribe, people, and language. This is Matthew 28 remixed. These people have been redeemed by the blood of the risen Lamb. I truly believe that there are some in the Hispanic community of Norristown are part of that number and we have a wonder opportunity to reach this community with the gospel. We have a great opportunity to do Matthew 28 (Outreach ideas: ESL, Soccer, & Buy from Their community).

With these three core values, I’d like to express to you that Redemption 1010 is a fellowship Rooted and Grounded in Him. We are Maturing and Growing in Him, and We are a fellowship that seeks to spur one another along in faith and good works so that we can be more like Him. 

In Christ, 

Michael W. Board, Jr. M.A.