rooted & grounded, maturing & growing


A Church, whose foundation is built on the Scriptures and Christ Jesus as its chief cornerstone. 


A Church that is committed to walking out the new life in Christ.

A Church that is content with being a local church.


A church that is rooted and grounded in Christ and seeks to bear fruit demonstrating maturity & growth in Christ.


At Redemption1010 our mission is to be a fellowship that seeks to know Christ Jesus more. As we know Him more, by the work of the Spirit and by the will of God, we seek to make Jesus known in and around Norristown to the praise and glory of God. One way in which we seek to do this is by making disciples that will reproduce Jesus in others. 


We are a body of believers who gather to be fed by the Scriptures, because His sheep hear His voice. 

We also seek to find people who don't know Jesus so they can know Him and live for Him.